Banksy in Mexico

One of Banksy’s more obscure international excurtions was to Chiapas in Mexico back in 1999 with the Bristol based anarchist football club The Easton Cowboys to play football against the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

Whilst he was out there he also painted some murals in support of the Zapatistas and put up some of his trademark stencils.

BELOW: Some of the murals and stencils created by Banksy during his trip to Mexico.

BELOW: This Banksy stencil of Che Guevara was sprayed onto the remains of a house that belonged to one of the land owners ousted by the Zapatistas. Before the uprising this land owner controlled a massive area of land including the valley stretching out into the distance.

Banksy also created a painting on canvas which was raffled off in a ‘Spot the Ball’ competition as well as designing some t-shirts which were sold to raise funds for fresh water systems, murals and sports projects in the Chiapas region.

BELOW: The canvas and t-shirts produced by Banksy to raise funds.

Finally, check out this BBC News video about the Easton Cowboys and Banksy’s involvement with them:

Photo sources: bbc, michaelramallahedinchiapas, fellowtravellermescaline tammas, easton cowboys.

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