Banksy in Cuba & Jamaica

Following on from our post about Banksy’s trip to Mexico in 1999, this post documents a trip he took with his friend DJ Jon Carter to Cuba and Jamaica in early 2004.

BELOW: DJ Jon Carter.

According to Jon Carter they wanted to visit Cuba because they “both had an interest in seeing socialism at work before Castro dies”. Whilst they were in Havana Banksy put up several street pieces around town, including some rats, his iconic ‘girl with balloon’ image and one of his ‘This is not a photo opportunity’ stencils.

BELOW: Several of the street pieces Banksy put up in Havana, Cuba.

After two weeks in Cuba they flew on to Kingston, Jamaica to work on a project put together by the ‘Wall of Sound’ record label. Called Two Culture Clash, the album was a collaboration between UK and Jamaican musicians. Banksy was asked to create the cover artwork for the album – although it was never used. He’d previously created several other album covers for ‘Wall of Sound’.

Whilst they were in the Caribbean Banksy and Carter recorded a track together called ‘Irrational Anthem’ which Carter has described as “an altenative take on ‘God Save The Queen’ that probably ended their chances of ever getting a knighthood”.

And of course Banksy put up several street pieces around Kingston, on buildings, bridges and derelict boats.

BELOW: Banksy street pieces in Kingston, Jamaica.

Photo sources: lauramcsorleyfthrowermaratrintingezza, ricard67scaryboots, taraonholiday.

Sources: Metro, rocstar.

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