Free Banksy prints

No, we’re not giving anything away. But, if you happened to be at the Pictures on Walls (POW) gallery – who amongst other things produce and sell Banksy’s prints – last Thursday night for the Paul Insect Unclear Residents launch you could have picked up for free one of about 50 sheets of newsprint with a hand drawn POW logo by Banksy screen printed in black ink onto the white paper.

POW have been pasting these up around town over the past couple of months in various colorways.

Most people at the launch didn’t realise that the prints were by Banksy, as the staff didn’t announce who was behind them and similar versions of the POW logo have previously been drawn by other artists including Paul Insect and the Date Farmers.

Eagle eyed viewers of Exit Through the Gift Shop might have already seen a similar version of the POW logo scrawled onto a piece of wood hung on one of the walls in Banksy’s studio.

The POW logo from Banksy’s studio later turned up at the 2006 Santa’s Ghetto exhibition in London’s Oxford Street hung above the counter. There were also t-shirts with the same image on for sale at the show.

Photo Sources: adversemediainvisiblemadevisible, aprovocateur, doc18Paranoid Pictures.

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