Banksy US DVD release

Banksy has just released an image of the packaging design for the US release of the dvd of his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. The dvd is due to be released in time for Xmas on 14th December.

Like the UK version the dvd comes with several goodies, but some have been changed for the US release. They include the same 2d star glasses that were included in the UK release and stickers. But the US release has 2 different postcards included, one of a Banksy crude oils painting of a Guantanamo detainee on the beach, and a postcard of Mr Brainwash’s painting Bat Pappy, which was the focus of a very funny scene in the movie.

BELOW: Here’s the UK dvd release extras for comparison.

Photo courtesy Paranoid Pictures.

Source: Wooster Collective.

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