Banksy curates Marks & Stencils

We broke the news about the Marks and Stencils show last week, but it’s official now. Banksy fan – and Channel 4 news reporter – Krishnan Guru-Murthy was given the scoop, here’s what he’s written about the show on his C4 blog.

Street Art Shock

This is the image designed to provoke, intrigue and shock people – and get them to spend money on street art –  in this year’s Christmas show curated by Banksy called “Marks and Stencils” in London’s Soho. It is by a young artist called Mark Sinckler who will be doing an interview with our reporter Stephanie West for tonight’s programme about his motivations and thoughts behind the image. Obviously it is potentially offensive to some people. Others will find it thought provoking and even beautiful. It will certainly stir a debate about using such an image from a horroric tragedy like the 7/7 bombings for what is essentially a commercial project.

The pop up show is the successor to the Santa’s Ghettos that sold affordable street art in past years and opens to the public on Friday November 26th – the Sinckler image is huge and will be unveiled in the window tonight to identify the show. It also features the French street artist Dran and there will apparently be some new pieces by Banksy unveiled as well. What do you think?  Beautiful?  Thought provoking? Tasteless?

Source: Channel 4

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