Japanese Existencilism

In 2002 Banksy flew to Japan to put on two shows, the first in Osaka and the second in Aoyama. The shows were both called Existencilism (misspelt on the invite, see below) and the venues were two stores called “And A” that sold, fashion, music and books.

Whilst in Japan he also hit the streets:

Photos of the show in Aoyama.

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Banksy’s Antics Roadshow US premiere

Banksy’s documentary The Antics Roadshow which was broadcast in the UK last August, will premiere in the U.S. on Logo TV this Saturday (June 2nd) at 8 p.m.

For those in the UK you can watch the entire show on 4OD’s youtube channel here.

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Banksy Jubilee Special

“Celebrating sixty years of just waving and smiling and doing essentially naff all…”

To celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee Banksy has created a new piece called “Er…”. It’s currently available to download for free from the Pictures on Walls website.

Here’s what they say about it:

“An exclusive download for the more ambivalent patriot. Simply save off and take to your nearest branch of prestoprint where it can be transferred onto a mug, tea towel, or other quality item. Alternatively print onto a piece of paper, sellotape to a barbecue skewer and wave in an ‘ironic’ way at the Queen drives past.”

Dowload the image here.

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The Capturing Banksy Book Project

Please Note: Due to the recent glut of mediocre, uninformative, half baked unofficial books about Banksy, the Capturing Banksy book project has been put on hold – until further notice.

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Video of recent Banksy street piece

Here’s a short video of the recent Banksy street piece in central London.

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Banksy goes back to basics in London?

It looks like Banksy has gone back to basics with this piece just discovered in London.

Photo credit: thelonelyvillein.

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New Banksy in central London?

Approximately 10m up in the air on the side of a building in central London the street piece depicts a girl plummeting to earth with a shopping trolley.

Photo credits: foreignstudents.coms-butterfly.

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